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Saturday, 16 June 2012

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Hi There! I am Veena living in great tropical paradise of Singapore. I am busy working mum with 2 great kids and a wonderful husband. I am quite busy and my days are very long with tons of things do (as usual the list never end). I am addicted to blogging after I started my first food blog Part of that my readers were keep asking details about ingredients I use. Instead of posting in same blog I have started posting in this new blog so that other bloggers can also refer to it. In this blog I will try to provide What is the ingredients about, Health benefits, Nutrition facts, How can you use it and what is it named in different languages... Contents in this blog is mostly what I collected from internet research and the images I have used here are mostly downloaded from the net also. The names in different language is section I take lot of time to compile. It is from my friends, books and internet. Any feedback or any new things you want me try you can leave your comments on this blog! This is my first experience in the blogging. Till now I am not even very active in social network sites as well.. So bear with me. I am sure this is going to be good learning experience. I hope you like what you see and give me your valuable feedback so that I can make it even more interesting Yours, Veena

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